Habits to Strive for / Happiness

We have all come across those overly happy people who seem so jolly that it almost seems ridiculous. But don’t judge too early in the process of your meeting with these people. They really have figured it out!
I myself strive to become a more happy person. I have practised this the past few years, though I have always considered myself being one of those happy-jolly-annoying people. Even though I have seen myself as this always-happy-smiling-all-over-the-face girl, I came to a certain period in my life, where my world around me fell apart. I lost my father. Not in the way that he died; he was very badly injured in a skiing accident and has been hospitalised ever since. That is now almost 10 years ago. He cannot talk, walk or eat. So in a way, I felt that I lost him, even though I have never (ever!) stopped visiting him – and my mom has never either; they are still married, why she is my ultimate role model.

But… At this time in my life I started reading these help-yourself books; I studied The Law of Attraction in numerous books and articles, I read one book on how to live a positive life after the other, on positive psychology, mindfulness and the list goes on. I started doing yoga, which I still, once in a while, practice. Every day I practice mindfulness; I don’t know if there’s a right way to do so, but I do it by writing in my diary, visioning my current and future life, my dreams and hopes and by walking along the water, clearing my mind and just enjoying the present moment.
Every day I too remind myself of keeping my happiness. Of course I sometimes (too) bitch over small everyday-stupid-unimportant things, but I try to just stay positive in every situation I’m in. I’m not saying that I am perfect, for there is always room for improvement within yourself, but I strive to maintain these habits which I will guide you through below.

#1 Write a diary
Do a diary! I cannot emphasise this enough. I do a diary, and if not daily, I do a gratitude diary. In my diary I write about my experiences, my goals and how to reach them, my visions for myself and the people I love, my daily routines and how to get better at things. By writing a diary you will get to know yourself better; it will take you through a journey within your own life and your mind, and before you know it, you will see the missing links, the things you need to start working on within yourself and the things you can do differently. Just remember, always remember, to express gratitude, which is my next point. This will take you far and open your eyes to a new world.

#2 Express gratitude
Don’t just be grateful. Express it! By expressing your gratitude the positive thoughts you think regarding the things/people/experiences in your life, which you are grateful for, will manifest. Suddenly you will experience a more happy you. Gratitude is one of the key stones of happiness as well as of success in both your personal and professional life.

#3 Make happiness a habit
This might sound like the easiest thing to do. “Make happiness a habit… Ok, challenge accepted.” But making happiness a habit is a not always as easy as it sounds, given that you have to be aware of almost your every move. You will have to make a set of rules on how to behave, make a set of goals you want to reach and remember to put a smile on your pretty face even though the weather is grey and dull. Making happiness a habit actually comes back to gratitude; remember to be grateful for the small things in life: the great cup of morning coffee, the sun shining, waking up next to your true love every morning, the morning walk with your dog, the people you have around you and whatever you are grateful for. Put on your positive mindset; even though something might make you angry or sad, try to flip and turn it and see if you can find a positive perspective on it. This will almost always make you reassess your first reaction.

#4 Be with people who make you smile
Surround yourself with people who put a smile on your face, who love you, support you and who want the best for you. You do not want to be around someone who ways you down or someone who doesn’t want the best for you. I learned this early in my life and fact is that I’m am still learning this; I just recently cut all contact with an old friend of mine due to the fact that all she cared about was herself. I am not saying that she is selfish, I am just stating that all she ever saw was herself, her problems and all the obstacles, in stead of seeing possibilities, being happy for other people or grateful for what she actually has in life. I am aware of the fact that she struggles with things in her life, which are out of my hands, but honestly; people like that sucks on your energy – and not just the energy you need to get going, but too your positive energy, which I almost base my life on.
Recent studies show that you ‘become the result of the 5 people you surround yourself with’, so darling; chose carefully!

#5 Set daily goals for yourself
Jotting down a set of goals for the next day is something I have done in years. Already when I jot them down on my to-do-list/goal-list in the evening, I begin to find solutions for the things I know I am going to face the day after. When I wake up the following morning, my mind has juggled around during the night and sometimes I experience, that I all of a sudden have a solution for one of the points on my list, even though I, the night before, thought it was might going to be a tough one.
Setting daily goals also helps me keep a structure to my day; I know what my MIT is, as I talked about in my previous post, and thereby I can slowly move forward as I tick off my list.
The daily goal setting too helps you to clear out what you really want to put an effort into. For me, during the past years, it has cleared for me what I want to achieve in life, what my true dreams are and how to reach them.Likewise it has cleared out who I want to spend tie with, who I find inspiring and in who’s company I feel the most comfortable.

I hope you can make use of these happiness-habits. They are written from my own experience about what makes me feel happy and whole as an individual. Of course there are (many) more points on these habits that I want to enlighten you in, but for now I will stick to these five as a starter.
Have a wonderful day!

Habits to Strive for / Happiness

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