#1 Little Things

I live by the mantra “remember the little things”. The little things always add up, and even though you might not remember the great cup of coffee you has last Saturday in your favourite café opposed to the skydiving lesson you had a year ago, the great cup of coffee might have made your day, or at least just made it a bit better.
I am indeed a supporter of new experiences, adventures and new things in general. I am a supporter of the fact, that you can create the life you love, and a believer of that in order to so, the little things are just as important as the big ones.

Always remember to enjoy the little things in life. It might be a beautiful morning walk, a night with friends, the time to read a book, a good glass of wine, spending time with family and loved ones, going for a run that clears your mind or taking a break during the day whilst enjoying a cup of tea. The list is endless and it all depends on your perspective.

I’m not saying that if you are able to sit in the sofa watching Netflix all day every day, then you should do that. But if that is what you need once in a while then do it! We need to listen to our needs; our social needs, our needs regarding love and relationship, our needs regarding our home and our family and our needs regarding the small things in our everyday life, that all add up! It provides you with something in your everyday that you like, care about or just enjoy and you know what? It is ok! Seriously, it’s okay.

I myself had a bunch of work to do today, but when my sister in law called me asking if I could babysit their cute little puppy a few hours, I couldn’t resist. Maybe I just needed a break. Or maybe I just enjoy babysitting that little thing. I think the latter is the right answer. So I took her over, played with her (her name is Pumpkin by the way, cute, right?) and took some time of. We have been out for a long walk which was two birds with one stone; she got out and so did I. Wonderful!


I might need a new pair of slippers after playing with her though…

#1 Little Things

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