What I Do For a Living


Some of you might be curious about what I actually do for a living. At least I am when I read blog; who is writing this blog? Who’s Instagram is this really? And what is going on behind the scenes? We all know that, especially on Instagram, we almost always only get to see the beautiful and good things. Honestly, I am like that too and I use the social media, especially Instagram, as a source of inspiration for places to go, interior decoration, recipes, style and lifestyle. We live in a world where we easily get inspired by others, given that it is so easy to get a sneak peak into others lives and given social media.


To get back from where I started this post; what do I do for a living?
By the end of the summer 2017 I will be finishing my studies on Aarhus University here in Denmark and will be able to rightfully call myself an art historian. Currently I’m doing my masters and from January I will be doing my thesis.
Besides going to school once every week (!), I work at a local gallery where I curate exhibitions, correspond with artists, I do all the communication that goes out of the house and I am responsible for openings of new exhibitions. Needless to say I love my job. I love it due to the fact that I face new challenges with every exhibition; every exhibition includes a new artist, or several, and it includes new things to learn; about the artist and his or her universe, about the methods of painting/sculpting they make use of, of new people in general and of how to market the exhibition.
(Un)fortunately the gallerist who owns the gallery is leaving by the middle of 2017 (this might get a bit confusing: the building where the gallery is located is owned by the commune, why they need to find someone (or something) to take over), so currently I am working together with the commune on taking over the gallery in 2017. Cross your fingers! I would love it to succeed!

The old building in which the gallery is situated is an old royal building, which has been the home of Louise Christine Caroline, the daughter of the Duke of Augustenborg Frederik Christian I (1786 – 1788). Louise Christine Caroline lived in the mansion until she died in 1815. The royal elements of the gallery is still clear to this day regarding decorations, rooms, ornaments and so on. The history of the area, serving as a royal place and palace in the 18th century and earlier, and the place it has become today is quite an interesting combination. The gallery space is characterised by it’s former use and history and too it is characterised by the contemporary art which is exhibited here today.

You get why I want the take-over to succeed, right? The exhibition space is amazing and from that there’s the most wonderful outlook on a sculpture park, which is run by the gallery too. I’ll let you in on some pictures another time!
What I Do For a Living

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