Why Gratitude Is So Important

They say that Gratitude is the best attitude, and I can tell you one thing: it’s true! Gratitude is just as important as our well-being, as of fact it has a huge influence on our everyday life and our well-being in general. 

Some of the benefits I have experienced by being aware of what I am grateful for counts these aspects:


  • I am feeling happier as I am aware of what I’ve got and not what I haven’t got.
  • I am more relaxed.
  • I have more wonderful memories due to the fact that I practise to be present, wherever I am or whoever I am with.
  • I enjoy the little things in life more and appreciate things like enjoying a take-away coffee whilst taking a walk by the sea.
  • I have more ‘good feelings’. I am feeling blessed for all the wonderful people around me; my friends, family and my boyfriend. And I’m feeling blessed for all the opportunities I have in life, for all the things I am able to live by, create or do.


  • I am less self-centered and more optimistic.
  • I am less materialistic (even though I still dream about that khaki Chanel bag…).
  • I am more spiritual and more aware of the things I get from doing yoga.
  • I learn something new every day, become more aware of myself and my surroundings and reflect upon my life and my everyday both during the day and especially when I have some time for myself.


  • I have gotten an increased self-esteem, given the fact that my focus lies in the things
  • I am grateful for = the things I am happy about in my life.
  • I exercise more (my exercise consists of long power walks, yoga and pilates), which allows me to reflect even more and become aware of my health.
  • I have an increased energy; nothing wears me down – I try to the positive in every little thing.
  • I am less sick (I also eat an apple every day though!)
  • I sleep better given that I try to reflect positively about the things I tend to worry about.
  • I have started to meditate due to the fact that this really allows me to become aware of myself, the people I’m surrounded by, the things I have in my life, the girls I want to achieve and the person I’d like to be or become.


  • I am more social than I used to be. I appreciate my friends even more than I did before – I appreciate their individual qualities and admire their skills.
  • I have gotten a deeper relationship with my boyfriend, given that I have become better at appreciating him, us and the things we do and experience together. I prioritize us and the opportunities we have together and too I prioritise that we do our ‘own things’ apart and appreciate the time we have together.
  • I have become more kind. That may sound strange given that I think of myself as quite a kind person. Nevertheless I have become kinder and that cannot be a bad thing.
  • I am more open to new people than I was just a year ago. I’m the kind of girl who has a few very close friends and I’m keeping them in my heart, but I have become more open to new peripheral relationships – just eight month ago I wouldn’t prioritize having coffee with someone I barely knew – to get to know them better. That has  changed.


  • I have become more aware of what I want with my little business and where I’d like it to be in six months, a year, three years and five.
  • I have become more aware of my goals – not only regarding my career but also my personal goals. I know exactly what I want with my business, what I want to become better at and what I’d like to improve within myself.
  • I have improved my networking. Not only my network, but also my skills. That draws a line back to the openness to new people and the priorities regarding these.
  • I have become better at planning my day; at doing a to-do list that is not endless, but instead a to-do list that is realistic and relevant to the amount of time I’ve got.
  • I have increased my productivity. I am getting things done!
  • I have improved my decision making. I have always and always been red and blue in regards to decisions. “I don’t know.. Maybe that one.. Or.. That one! Or…” Yep, that used to be me. Not anymore though given that I have become more aware of what I want, what I need and what my superior and minor goals are.

Gratitude is a network of thoughts, appreciations, awareness and reflection that all interferes and influence each other. Gratitude have truly given me a happier life.
It all comes down to HAPPINESS which we are all searching for – someone a lifetime.
I’m doing a Gratitude Journal as well as working on one for you guys, keep an eye on the blog and I will let you know when it’s ‘out there’!

Why Gratitude Is So Important

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