How to Eliminate Noise in Your Life

Many of us find ourselves in the midst of a noisy world. A world that constantly wants something from us; our attention, our opinions and our souls.

It can be draining to keep up with the world around us, and sometimes we just need to eliminate all the noise that is surrounding us.
I myself try to eliminate negative things and people in my life, I meditate whenever I need it, I do yoga to get in touch with my mind after some long or hard days – or I start out this way to keep my mind balanced.
I also use the following tips to keep the noise out of my life, and guess what? It works…

1/ Download an app to help you
The Calm app. It is an app that not only blocks out all noise with the help of sound themes such as rain or a fireplace. It will too provide you with mindful meditation to help reduce stress, anxiety and distractions in your life. There are loads of meditation apps on the market nowadays, and more are seeing the light of day every month. You can chose from numerous apps that will give you guided meditations, nevertheless this is a ‘two birds with one stone’ app that not only will allow you to meditate (this app is for both beginners and experts) deeply, but it will also allow you to block out all noise around you. Find a time for meditation. Usually the ‘when it is Monday and it’s 3 o’clock’ works for me – if you do the ‘if – then’ you are more likely to get it done.

2/ Unplug yourself & set boundaries
In the opposite order: set boundaries and unplug yourself. Set boundaries for yourself and your time on social media. Put away your smartphone whenever you’re working on something or you are with your family and friends. If you are working set boundaries for when and where you allow yourself to check up on your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. The ‘if – then’ principle can be used on this as well. The unplugging will take you a step further. Allow yourself to unplug from all social media and technology for a certain amount of time of your decision. In stead of watching a series on Netflix, grab a book and become not only smarter, achieve a bigger vocabulary, a better memory and not less important; peace from all the things surrounding you.

3/ Don’t let negativity intrude
This might seem like the easiest thing to do, but in real life, we are being bombarded with negativity from many corners of your lives. The media is all over negativity in regards to the latest news, terror actions, disasters, collapsed buildings, shootings, earthquakes and forest fires you sometimes need to block it out. This does not mean that you are a bad and uncaring person; this merely means that you care for yourself and that is more than okay! The same applies to toxic relationships; let it go and detach yourself from those people who are poisonous for you. This can be friends and even family, nevertheless people who are not bringing you anything positive will never bring peace and tranquility into your life. Negativity makes a lot of noise in our lives and it is this noise you need to distance yourself from.

4/ Make time for yourself
The time you have in your own company, with you and yourself, is priceless. Make time for reflecting upon your life, for keeping a gratitude journal, writing a diary, reading a book, taking a long walk or whatever comes to your mind, that can bring you an inner peace. Whenever you do these things of your own choice, you automatically let out the noise. You concentrate on something that brings you something positive and you are able to think your own thoughts without being distracted. The time you take for yourself can also be a day off, doing the things you truly appreciate and enjoy – these things bring happiness and gratitude into your life which are too things that will help you find a calmness and an inner peace.



How to Eliminate Noise in Your Life

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