10 Things I Want To Do in February


I like to jot down what I would like to do in the month to come. It’s like a monthly bucket list with all the things I’d like to make time for or things I just know I need go get done.

Either way I am trying to jot down things I know either will ease my mind or which merely will contribute to my happiness and well-being. I think it’s a good way to connect with the stuff you know will be good for you whether it’s watching a movie, take a long walk by the ocean or go somewhere you’ve never been before.
So, the 10 things I’d like to do in this month are….

// Buy myself Friday flowers, so I’ll be able to enjoy them the whole weekend and the week to come.

// ”Borrow” my moms little chihuahua a few days. He is named Pusser and he is the cutest little thing.

// Watch the last episodes of The Crown. I have only watched two episodes which is far too little given my interest in history and in England.

// Do yoga at least three times a week. Yoga provides me with a mind that is cleared and a body that feels rinsed out and light.

// Go window shopping (online) for a new sofa for our new home, in which we are moving into in a month.

// Bake a (really) good, mouthwatering cheese cake and invite friends and family over for a piece and a cup of coffee.

// Move forward in the process of finishing my webshop. I can’t do it all given that my books haven’t ’come home’ from the printing ompany, but I can do a lot that needs to be done.

// Start writing on my thesis!

// Priortize having lunch with my boyfriend. He works just next to the cutest and best lunch café in town, and I want to prioritize us having lunch together as I am currently working from home and is able to ’just pop in’.

// I want to do some work on my calendar for 2018. I have already done some of the sketches for different pages and I would like to finish some more in order to have an overview of what I have left to do.

That’s my 10 things for this month, what’s yours?

10 Things I Want To Do in February

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