Visions for February

Every month, like the ”bucket list”, I do some notes on my visions and my intentions for the month to come. Somestimes I even do a vision board; sometimes on Pinterest and sometimes in one of my many notebooks.

I think it’s a good way of keeping track of what you would like to do: become better at something, taking care of something you think is important in your life or something that would contribute to your state of mind or your inner health.
My visions for this month are highly influenced by me thesis, which I really need to start writing, by my focus on my health & by my urge to make time for yoga.

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I really want to start eating better. The food I eat is not unhealthy but I have a really bad habit of forgetting to eat and an even more bad habit when I sometimes make myself a cup of coffee in stead of making myself a meal. I am trying to implement breakfast into my daily routines. Years ago I I always had a huge bowl of oatmeal, which was my breakfast every single day for 10 years. I don’t know how it came to the point that I switched it out with coffee but I do know, that I need to change that. I love oatmeal in different variations and I want to make it a good habit once again by having just a small portion to start the day.

I have a juicer and I hardly ever use it even though I love to make juice and I love to drink it. My intention for February is that I want to start juicing again. Juices consisting of good greens, ginger, oranges for vitamin C, aronia berries for antioxidants and apples to sweeten things up. I want to make some ’skin juices’ as well as juices for my digestion and my well-being in general.

Once again my yoga-practice is on the schedule. As I have stated in here before I love doing yoga, given that it gives me so much more energy, a relaxed body and a calmed mind. I want to do yoga three times a week and have considered joined the local yoga studio, which offers a variety of yoga from Yin and Hatha to Ashtanga and a mix between pilates and ballet.

I really need to start writing on my thesis. Like really! I have a meeting with my teacher, who guides me through the process, the 15th of February, and by then I want to have the first chapter done which is going to consist of the history behind the poster as well as I want to have one or two analysis finished.

My mission on a better health have started and I hope that I am going to do well. I love having freshly juied juice in the fridge to ’pick me up’ during the day, and I love having oatmeal for breakkie as well as I love what yoga does for me when I do it on a regular basis. I want to have some of thesis prepared for the meeting with my teacher and I am confident that I will have it by the 15th. Whenever I set my mind up to do an assignment I will have it done within the time frame I have set for myself. I’m not concerned that I’m not going to make it, and I have decided that I want to have my thesis roughly finished by the middle of April, where we are moving into another apartment.

What are your visions for February? And do you do visions and intentions for every month? 

Visions for February

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