8 Happiness Boosters for Your Every Day

happiness-boostersIf you’re looking for some ways to boost your happiness, whether you’re feeling down, you just want to improve your overall happiness and give it a boost or you merely want to implement some ways into your life that will make you feel happy throughout the day, you came to the right place. 

As almost all of my posts, the things I post in this little sphere of mine are based on my own experiences. Therefore you might want to do things differently – in your own way, or you can take what you think will work for you and give it a try. Here’s some of the things I do almost every day to keep my mind positive and my happiness on a high level.

/ Start your day off slowly
One of the main reasons I get up approx. two hours before heading out the door, doing something relevant, is that I hate being in a rush. Being in a rush makes me feel stressed; I easily forget things I need during my day, I rush making myself breakfast and coffee, I rush eating it, I rush in the shower and in the bathroom in general doing my makeup, hair and what not. I LOVE having time to do the things I want to do and to getting the slow start to the day. I love having my morning coffee in peace, maybe do a bit of reading whether it be news or in a book, tune in on Instagram, getting myself ready, maybe do some laundry or vacuum the living room or whatever I feel like. Starting my morning off slowly really sets my mood for the rest of the day: if I’m feeling stressed in the morning, I’ll have a hard time shaking it off, but if I feel rested and energized that will too show itself during my day.

/ Practise mindfulness
I practise mindfulness every single day. Whether I colour in my colouring book, I take the clothes out of the dryer or I read, I try to be as present as possible and notice all the small things: the fresh and wonderful smell of tumble dried clothes, the colours I use and the lines I make with the pencils, the intensity of the colours and the story I’m reading, replacing my own thoughts in my imagination. This is merely a selection of the things I might do during the day. If I do yoga I try to notice every single move I do, my breathing and notice  how my body respons to the different positions I am doing.

/ Surround yourself with people you love
Surrounding yourself with people you love makes a huge difference. I have been through a period of time where I have been ‘cleaning out my friends’ so to speak. This might sound a bit harsh but nevertheless it has provided me with more energy and less negative thoughts. Being around people I truly do not love or care for in that heart felt, deep way takes my energy away. But being around people I truly care for, love and cherish gives me energy as the case is that it is (in most cases) always reciprocated.

/ Get some fresh air
Go for a walk, a run or walk your dog, if your are so lucky to have one. Getting fresh air to your mind is crucial to clear it. Whenever I go for a walk, which I do almost every day, I get my mind ‘cleaned up’. I breathe in the crispy air, maybe I sit on a bench somewhere looking at the water or people passing by, sometimes I listen to music but mostly I just enjoy the sounds of things I can hear. A walk, often a power walk in my case, gives me more energy during the afternoon, and I get to clear out all the things I have had on my mind during the day.

/ Think positive
I cannot emphasise how much a positive mind influences your day, your week, your month, your entire year and lifetime. Positive thinking can turn your world upside down (for the better, that is) and truly make a difference in how you perceive your every day, your life and your surroundings. Start your day with a positive mantra as I wrote a bit about here: Visions & Goals for 2017.

/ Smile
No one can live a positive and happy life without smiling. Remember to smile. Smile to the people you get eye contact with on the street. Smile to your partner, your family and your friends. Smile to the salesman when you are shopping for groceries or when you get yourself a new hard disc. Just smile. Some how it will be difficult for you to wipe it away again and trust me, that will not hurt you ore your feeling of being happy.

/ Make time for yourself
It is no shame to take some time off to just be hanging out with yourself. In fact it is one of the best things you can do. Make time just for you and yourself whether you want to bake a cake, read a book, write down your visions or your thought or whether you’d just like to sit and stare out the window or watch a movie. I often take time to be with myself. And other times it comes naturally, like when I’m in the car with a long drive ahead of me. If this occurs, which it often does, I usually listen to audio books. This a wonderful way for me to relax my mind and have some time off for myself. During the day I spend may hours alone given that I am currently doing my thesis, but these hours does not count as ‘alone time’; I deliberately make time for myself by taking time off just to do so. Of course I am alone during the day, but that does not equals ‘me-time’, that merely equals chores and to-do’s. Remember to make time for yourself to do some things that you enjoy or relax your mind with.

/ Be grateful
Gratitude is one of the key stone to our happiness. Read a lot more on the experiences I have had with gratitude here: Why Gratitude Is So Important.

8 Happiness Boosters for Your Every Day

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