50 Little Things To Be Grateful For


The small things in life are usually the ones that add up, why it is so important to remember to appreciate these and make them count.

We all go through periods of our life in which we experience big things such as getting a degree, moving in with one another, having children, getting married, starting a new job and what else make up the bigger things in our lives. But sometimes we forget the small things, the ones that make the everyday count, the ones that allows us to do what we love or the things that make our everyday lives easier.
Cosying up in the sofa netflixing it with your partner, finding your way to your bed after a long day, having meaningful conversations with someone we care for or is inspired by and going for long walk while enjoying the fresh air, are some of the things that add up.
We should all practise more gratitude in our every day, why I have made a list of little things to appreciate:

1/ Early mornings
2/ Dinner dates with your partner or friends
3/ New coffee mugs
4/ Long walks
5/ Reading a good book
7/ Or a magazine
8/ Lazy weekends
9/ Netflix or HBO
10/ Smiles
11/ A good night’s sleep
12/ Oatmeal for breakfast
13/ Days off
14/ Long conversations
15/ Deep relationships
16/ Vacation
17/ People who inspires you
18/ Cameras
19/ Childhood memories
20/ Washing maschines and dryers
21/ Candlelights in the winter
22/ Happy people
23/ Gratitude
24/ A good cup of coffee
25/ Your family & friends
26/ Warm socks on cold days
27/ When the flowers begin to blossom during spring
28/ Hugs
29/ Yoga
30/ & new yoga wear
31/ A hot bath
32/ Sunny days
33/ & the rainy ones
34/ Scented candles
35/ Spontanious dinners with friends
36/ Dogs & cats, just because…
37/ Plants in your home
38/ Grocery markets
39/ Cultural experiences
40/ Being able to do what you love
41/ Kisses from your partner
42/ Tough times, they will only make you stronger
43/ Kindness
44/ Mindfulness, it will make you more aware of yourself
45/ A good (vegan) salad
46/ Small deli’s around the corner
47/ Running & drinkable water
48/ Big cities
49/ Alone time
50/ Experiences with your loved ones

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How do you express your gratitude & what are you grateful for in your life? Take a few minutes to think about it and start writing them down during your day. It will only make you a better and happier person.

50 Little Things To Be Grateful For

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