6 Positive & Inspirational Affirmations For Believing in Yourself

Doing affirmations each and every day is a great way for you to start believing in yourself – if that is what you want, that is. Or for you to believe that today is going to be wonderful. Or that you can run those 5 k. Or that you can and will uphold a healthy lifestyle. 

Whatever you want to dedicate your affirmations to, there’s a way to do it. I started out doing affirmations regarding believing in myself. I didn’t not believe in myself, but I needed that extra little ‘push’ to truly believe that I was capable of achieving what I wanted.

This process might seem dumb, odd and rather ridiculous at first, but trust in me when I tell you, that the feeling will go away just after a few days. You’ll have to look yourself in the mirror and ‘tell’ yourself your affirmations – out loud! That’s the most I-feel-ridicoulous-doing-this-right-now-I-am-talking-to-myself-part, but if you’re used to talking to yourself when you’re alone (like I am, ahem…), this won’t feel that odd after all, even though you might giggle a bit during your ‘training’…

I wrote down a few affirmations (in the bottom of this post) that have worked for me. If you want to do it differently, please do, and jot down your own affirmations –  according to what you “want to believe in” within yourself or your outer world. But, don’t misuse it, don’t ridicule it and don’t misguide yourself. This is serious business, if you put on your poker face, I’m pretty sure that nothing will amaze you and nothing good will come around. If you practise these affirmations correctly with belief in your voice and mind, they will help you on your path to become or do want you want in this life of yours. Where focus goes energy flows, you know.
The affirmations, the small sentences that you say out loud will manifest themselves in the universe – it’s the law of attraction that is in play, and if you do it well, it will do you well too. Karma.

This is what you’ll have to do:

  • Write down your affirmations.
  • Every morning and every evening stand before the mirror and tell your self your affirmations. It’s important that you don’t merely say your affirmations out loud, they need to come out with power and at least a bit of belief.
  • Keep doing this every day for at least 4 weeks.
  • After the 4 weeks you will notice that you are probably acting a bit different, maybe accordingly to your affirmations. That is because that our brains want to close ‘the gap’ between what we believe ind and what we want to believe in. This gap needs to open up, given that our brain will experience the non-existing gap as something that is already there. Do you get me? In short: fill in the gap with your affirmations and your brain will experience a belief in the affirmations. Get the point? This is not rocket science, it is merely a tiny tool to implement in your everyday life that with enhance your inner self, your state of mind and your belief in yourself.


1/ Today, I leave my old, bad habits behind & take on new ones that will do me good. 
If you want to leave bad habits in the past, take on new ones and tell yourself every morning that you will do so. This affirmation is a great way to start out the day, planning that you’ll have to leave your bad habits behind and focus on new, better ones. Every evening this will inspire you to keep yourself on track the day after.

2/ I can do everything I want. 
Does this one need to come with an explanation? Just tell this to yourself every single day and you will achieve your goals in life.

3/ I am brilliant at what I do & I will have success with it. 
If you are, like me, starting a business, this affirmation might just help you along the way. This has been essential to me when I felt that things did me wrong or didn’t work out the way I wanted. Tell this to yourself every morning and avery evening & your mind will try to fint solutions to your obstacles both during the day and the night.

4/ Today I am filled with happiness and wonderful feelings. 
This is just a wonderful affirmation. It will fill your mind with happiness and openness.

5/ I love myself & my body for who I am & what it is.
Accepting yourself is one of the most important things in this life of yours. Today we are surrounded by social media that overwhelms us, give us wrong ideas about how we should look and act, so I put this affirmation on my list, given that I haven’t always accepted by body as is it – in fact I am still working on this one.

6/ My healthy body is overflowing with energy & my mind is cleared and calm. 
When you feel healthy you act healthy. When you feel calm you act calm. This is important to me, given that this will make me aware of myself, which healthy foods to eat & of my yoga and mindfulness practises that are so important to me.

I truly hope that this is something that is useful to you, it has been to me why I will keep on doing these affirmations and some time along the way I will add new ones to the list. I have been practising my affirmations for quite some time now and all I have experienced with have been positive. I feel more energised, more happy with myself and my body and I have got to believe more in myself and the business I am currently starting up  (even though I had quite a bit of this before doing the affirmations). It has been, and IS, very useful to me and I will definitely keep on doing the affirmations every morning and every evening.

6 Positive & Inspirational Affirmations For Believing in Yourself

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