Spend An Entire Hour Writing 

Creative writingWhen was the last time you sat down and spent an entire hour writing? Just writing. About  your day, your thoughts on your goals and dreams, your family, your life in general, your ideas, your home, your feelings, your nightly dreams, your habits, your friendships, your gratitude or just merely about whatever comes to your mind.
An entire hour of writing will do you good. Trust me. I have done this for many years now with shorter or longer breaks from it, but I always keep coming back. It’s soul food and it’s merely mindfulness.

You will experience a change within yourself 
It’s an act og meditation, of reflection, of respect for yourself and your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts will develop into words, and sometimes, or maybe, you will discover that you feel certain feelings you knew nothing about. You will be able to dig deep, deep down into your stomach and your heart and deep inside of your brain and to the back of your skull. New things and ideas will come to mind, some things will make more sense to you, given that you suddenly see them in a different perspective, even though this perspective is still your own. You will most likely discover new sides to yourself; maybe you are far more creative than you thought, or maybe you discover that feeling in a certain way in certain situations comes from something that you didn’t know about yourself. Believe me, you will get to know yourself way better and as an added bonus you will develop your writing skills and your ability to describe your feelings and expressing yourself. You will not only understand yourself better, so will your surroundings – and they will notice this transformation. You will become far more aware of yourself, your feelings and your ideas, which will do you good, not only in the long term, but in the short term as well. You will improve your ability to formulate your goals and dreams, to take action on them and to explain yourself to others. Too it will develop your creative side; not only will your writing skills develop, you will most likely also think thoughts you’ve never thought before as well as your mind will go for a hike up in some mountains in your head that consists of ideas and new ways to do things, as well as the difficulties and challenges you are facing will slowly begin to solve themselves, given that you will find solutions to them through your mindful writing session.
Take an hour, maybe every second day, maybe every third, or maybe just once a week to begin with to sit down for an hour just listening to your thoughts and the sound of the pen scratching words down on paper.

Eliminate all noise
This one is quite obvious. No noise. But that can be more difficult than it sounds. “No noise, you say?” Yes, no noise. That means: turn off the music, your podcast, the TV, put your cell on silence and put it away so it doesn’t disturb you during your writing session. Make sure that you are alone and that you don’t get disturbed along the way.

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This is all up to you. Maybe you should prepare a nice place to sit. Perhaps in your sofa with some pillows and a blanket around you and a cup of something. Or at your desk, all decluttered, with open windows (if you don’t live just by a noisy road or a soccer-court that is), where the sun beams are allowed to come through, and a green smoothie or a bowl of fruit. Maybe you want to sit at a café, even hough I won’t recommend this. It is difficult to to unplug from the noise, people and the things that are happening around you. If you want to go somewhere outside of home (or just a room), go to a quit place; a public park, a beach, into the woods or a bench somewhere you find comforting and quiet.

Can I take a break? 
No, not really. It’s okay to stop to think, but don’t hold that small break for more than just a few seconds (yes, seconds, not minutes), as your mind most likely will start to wander thinking about what to do next or what to prep for dinner. Forget all other things around you and be present in that very hour.

Should I write by hand or on the computer? 
This is your choice. Whatever you feel works for you. Maybe you try both if you’re in a doubt, maybe you already know that one of the things works the best for you. If you write on your computer, you might want to turn off your wifi, given that this can become a disturbing element when all you need to do is concentrate and keep focus.
Personally I prefer to write by hand. Even though I will write an enormous amount of pages as long as the Bayeux Tapestry on my computer, I know that what comes through my hand will stay in my mind. I don’t reflect more by writing on my computer, I merely get to speed the process up given that it is much faster than writing by hand. This will though result in me having been thinking all these thoughts and forgetting the most of them right away, why I keep returning to pen and paper when I am doing the mindful-creative writing. For this specific reason I never use the calendar on the iPhone, given that I will most definitely remember my to-do’s, birthdays, appointments, coffee dates, etc., when I write them down by hand in my old-school calendar.

Summing up on the how-to’s:

  • Sit somewhere quiet and prepare what you need for the next hour.
  • Eliminate all noise around you and put your phone and all other disturbing element away.
  • Don’t take breaks (why you need to prep the things you know, you will need) for more than just a few seconds.
  • Be present and keep your focus. Don’t let your mind wander on to other things such as grocery shopping and walking the dog.
  • Stay in your mindful-creative bliss. Just stay there and magical things will happen.

Summing up on what you will gain:

  • More awareness of yourself, what you want in your life and who you are.
  • Development of your writing skills.
  • Development in your creativity.
  • Becoming better at expressing and understanding yourself.
  • Solutions to the problems and challenges to are facing.

Creative writing 2

Let me know what you think of this, have you ever tried this before and did it work for you?


Spend An Entire Hour Writing 

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