Weekly Tip #1: Reading In the Morning

motivational booksI’m introducing a new serial: The Weekly Tip – even though Tuesday Tip actually sounds better. Nevertheless I feel the urge to share some of my tips, some of them regarding productivity, positivity, mindfulness, planning and goal setting and some in regards to other things like cooking, what to wear and how to’s. Even though I might emphasise the tips on the first things mentioned, the latter might come in handy – and I think it’s nice to be able to share some of the things that I find helpful in my every day.
Some of the tips will consist of short writings and pictures, while other will consist of longer writings and elaboration in regards to the specific tip/topic. I Hope you’ll like it – I  do and I have a few things jotted down in my notebook already!

Weekly Tip #1
To awaken your mind and your head in the morning, start by visualising you dreams. You might want to write them down in a notebook or on small cards, having them on your bed side table; this will make the first task of the day quite easy.
Then, in order to get your head going – read inspiring and motivating books in the morning. I’m not saying you should read a whole book or spend an hour reading (I know that our time is precious), sometimes a few motivational (or inspirational) quotes will do the job for you. Reading these kind of things in the morning will allow you to get creative in regards to reflection, your visualisation and your goal setting, and it will sharpen your mind and allows your brain to get a wake up boost first thing in the morning.
Trust me when I say that you will be able to tell a difference merely within a few weeks. This will keep you creative, motivated, get you to dream bigger and focus on you goals, your most important to-do’s in order to reach them and it will give you a kick-as start to your day.

Some of the books I truly love to read and re-read are these:

Even though this second last one, The Secret, seems a bit tacky, I still think that the specific points in the book are really good and inspiring. When I re-read it, I sometimes think to myself that it in some ways seems quite “americanised”, nevertheless The Secret became a No. 1 bestseller when it first came out, and it focuses on the topics that I find so very interesting; goals and dreams, visualisation strategies and methods and how to get where you really want to be. You might say that the other books are offsprings of The Secret, given that they treat many of the same subjects and elaborates them in different variations with different views and methods. The Alchemist doesn’t really fit into these directly inspirational books, nevertheless it provides you with so many wise words in regards to our lives, our preferences and our dreams – if I need to relax my mind while reading a very well written, wise book, I tend to always reach out for the Alchemist.
Whenever I am reading at night, I also tend to grab one of my many inspirational books, given that a boost to your mind every now and then during the day won’t hurt – and it will only keep my mind going with new ideas, new ways to do things and new reflections.

– Anna

Weekly Tip #1: Reading In the Morning

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