8 Simple Things To Simplify Your Everyday Life

TidydeskHow often do you feel overwhelmed? Overwhelmed by all the things you need to do; clean the dishes, do the laundry, reply to your e-mails, do your assignment, write that blog post you’ll need to get done, do the groceries, work on your own project and what not. I am a very organized person, but even I can get overwhelmed by the piling list of things I need (and want) to get done, why I have thought of a few things that helps me (and might help you as well) along the way. I have come to the conclusion that over-thinking and over-complicating things does no one no good, why I have started to take the following steps in my everyday “doings and duties” quite serious. It gives me a better overview and allows me to keep my focus & my mind clear.

Stop wasting your time on people who does no good for you
Re-evaluating your relationships can be a tough one to go through, bit trust in me when I tell you that it will do you so much better. Toxic relationships drains you and steals away your energy as well as it might wear you down. Focus on those relationships that gives you energy and makes you feel light and not overwhelmed. Your time is precious, be sure sure to spend it with people you care about and vice versa.

Do a daily MIT and to-do list – the night before
Focusing on all og your to-do’s at once can be overwhelming, why you should do a to-do list the night before. The most important thing to do here is to do an MIT; simply jotting down your Most Important Goal for the day to come. An MIT may be the most time-consuming, difficult, confusing or overwhelming task, why it is so important to just get done. In this way you’ll know exactly what to get started with when beginning your day and before you know it, the MIT is finished and you’re ready to move on with your to-do list.

Stop multitasking
In addition to your MIT you should stop multitasking and focus on one thing at a time. I’ll promise you that you’ll get your things done anyway and they might even be easier to do when not jumping around from task to task. If you’re easily distracted (like I am when doing my thesis, ahem…) use tools like time blocking and scheduling; simply manage your time better and put your entire day into blocks (where you do nothing else than focus on what your time block tells you to – the block might consist of 15, 30 or 45 minutes to 1 hour) and a scheme to tell you, that you’ll need to spend exactly 3 hours of writing/working/reading before having a coffee break/lunch and then 2 hours of  writing/working/reading/doing other to-do’s before having lunch/a coffee break/a power walk (or what you’ll need). You’ll instantly become more productive and it will prevent you from procrastinating. Win win.

Create a morning routine
Creating a morning routine is all about getting an early start to the day, getting ready with the right amount of time, having time to eat your breakfast in silence, working out or what your morning routine might consist of. Getting an early start to the day is one of the things I enjoy the most. Those morning hours are my most productive ones, why I get up early to get going with what my MIT, my schedule and my to-do list says.

Clean up as you go
Cleaning up might not be your biggest achievement of the day but do not underestimate a neat and tidy space around you. This includes the dishes, the kitchen table, the fridge (throw out foods that are too old or use them along the way so you don’t have to), your work space, your desk, your skin care and makeup, your clothes and your closet. Tidy up things as you go and as you use them, in this way you don’t have to spend hours on making your home neat. Another thing that i live by in relation to tidying up is that a clean and tidy space around me equals a clean and tidy head. I am simply not able to get anything done if my home or my office needs to be tidied or cleaned up – this makes the ‘clean as you go’ quite easy.

We all know what it feels like to open a full inbox in our mail – it’s not manageable – and it can be so distracting that many of the e-mails are coming from webshops, magazines or companys who’s newsletters you, yourself, have signet up for. Unsubscribe, clean them up and move on.

Schedule time for “unnecessary” things
By unnecessary things I am especially talking about phone calls – those calls you don’t need to do during the day, those calls that can wait; that be mostly chatting to friends and family. Of course something urgent can occur, don’t hinge yourself up too much, but if a friend calls to chat, simply state that you are working and ask if it’s possible for you to calls that someone back later. These calls can be very distracting and are reason for you to move out of your ‘work/to-do zone’. Unnecessary things might as well be internetshopping for the wedding attire you need, the vase you are looking for or going downtown to try on that suit you’ve noticed in a shop window – or things that are simply a pleasure for you to do – push it or make time for it in your daily schedule.

Do a phone/internet block
Blocking yourself from what distracts you, that be the internet and your phone, can very much make your day even easier than you have ever imagined. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and the internet in general are some of the most time consuming procrastination that disturbs you along the way and steals away your focus. Try to do a phone block for a few hours of the day while doing your MIT, or simply allow yourself to check your phone, your Instagram or Facebook once every second hour (or hour if you need to).

I hope that you have found the above useful – take what you can use, or need, from it and make it your own. I have implemented the things above in my everyday and it has turned my days upside down; I simply get things done, even faster than I used to, and I am much more able to stay focused and concentrated while doing the things I have jotted down on my MIT and my to-do list. I even schedule time for doing things with friends and I schedule time in the evening for winding down after the day. Give it a try, you’ll notice a big difference in your approach to your everyday life and you will definitely go to bed with satisfaction in stead of discontent and stressful thoughts on what you have postponed to the following day. 

8 Simple Things To Simplify Your Everyday Life

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