Weekly Tip #3: Skincare is Self-care

Skincare kiehlsFor a long period of time (read years!) I haven’t really been that much into my skincare routine – which I deeply regret after trying out the products I have come to swear to.
In my early teenage years I was all about skincare; good, solid products that cleansed my skin, made it look radiant and left me with the feeling of taking care of myself and my looks (no matte how superficial that might sound). The Clinique 3-step skincare programme was my dearest friend, but at a point, and I have no idea why, I didn’t care that much about it anymore. I honestly think I took it for granted – the feeling, the beautiful, spotless skin – and at a point I discovered, that I didn’t need to spend so much money on my products, given my skin was flawless and moisturised itself whether I used expensive, dermatologic products or not. It’s been a long time…
I was wrong. Boy, I was wrong! Now, some 10 years later, I came to realise that I had to deal with enlarged pores, a skin that didn’t have that glinse or that radiant, vibrant look anymore. I have mis-treated my skin for so many years that I got tired of looking at myself in the mirror! And yes, you might have guessed that that is a severe exaggeration, nevertheless there’s some truth to it.

No more
In January I came to the point where I no longer could accept my skin as it looked. I have tried implementing and drinking (more) green juices (and yellow, pink and orange), adding more leafy greens, carrots, and vegetables in general, to my meals throughout the day. I have been cutting down on meat for some years now, and nothing really helped my skin the way I wanted it to. It eased my digestion though and made my body, especially my stomach, feeling less “heavy”, even though I’m a slim girl – that is another story though.
I had had enough and by January I decided to do something about my skincare routine instead. Actually, my morning and evening routine stayed the same, the only thing I changed was my products. I had been using Garnier’s skin tonic for several years, shopped between different inexpensive moisturisers and masks and too between eye makeup remover which obviously did nothing good for my skin.
I started browsing the internet for a possible solution. I know all the supposedly good brands; the organic ones, the promising ones, the miracle ones, but I stayed true to my gut feeling and started gaining knowledge about my skin – first things first.
After a few weeks of research I ended up buying products from the American (old pharmacy) brand, Kiehl’s. That was indeed the right choice!
I went with the Rare Earth “pore programme” which includes the Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, the Refining Tonic, the Pore Minimizing Lotion and the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate.

The results
I have no before and after pictures – not even for my own use. But, I’ll tell you, the results are real and they are indeed visible. After just a few days I could see that my pores started to become smaller. And after a few weeks they were almost gone! I don’t know if some pores just might never go away, but mine are still a little bit visible. Nevertheless I have never seen such a transformation in my skin before and I was, of course, delighted with the results. The “pore programme”, as I call it, has become a series of products that I have come to swear to! I will never, ever go back to the inexpensive skincare products I used before – and isn’t it always like that when you discover something that benefits you; that you will never go back?

Take it as a weekend recommendation – maybe as a time to do something about your own skincare routine as well, or something else in your life. Sometimes the smallest changes create the most visible results.


Weekly Tip #3: Skincare is Self-care

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